The region of Rioja is located in the heart of Spain. It is crossed by the river Ebro, the longest waterway in Spain, which starts in Cantabria and flows into the sea in Catalonia. This water stream also crosses the capital city, Logroño, and it keeps the region’s fields properly watered.

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Vineyards bathed by a river

A castle stands at the back, overlooking the valley

Our lives are fated as the rivers that gather downward to the sea

Jorge Manrique

A vineyard in Rioja, where the famous wine comes from

This region is worldwide famous for its vineyards, that produce its renowned wine. All their red wines, and especially the Rioja Designation of Origin, are very popular. However, this land offers much more than just wine. Like Navarra, one of its neighbors, it has a very rich soil where all types of vegetables can be grown. As a result, the vegetable stew menestra is very popular here.

Apart from food, this region is also famous for its medieval history. As it usually happens in Spain, Rioja houses a wide variety of castles and churches, along with monasteries. In fact, the latter protect one of their more priceless treasures: fields. Monks were already harvesting these fields to make wine in the 10th century C.E., and so the castles acted as a sort of guardians for these valuable resources.

Vineyards at the foot of a medieval town

As you see, this region offers a wide variety of quality products, and its people have been benefiting from them for centuries now, so they have created lots of marvelous dishes with vegetables, as well as incredible wines that are drunk worldwide. At St. Vicent Cuisine, you’ll find these flavors in our salad. Have a taste of Rioja from your own home!

Vineyards during the fall.