Navarre is located in the north of Spain, right on the border with France. That is why, during the Middle Ages, this region had strong links with the French.

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Castle-Palace of Olite

the residence of the kings of Navarre during the 14th century C.E.

When you tell your secret, you give away your freedom

Fernando de Rojas

Pamplona’s City Hall, where the festivities of San Fermin usually kick off.

Navarre has a lot of history: it was a kingdom in its own right during the whole Middle Ages. In fact, its king was even kidnapped by the Vikings! Nowadays, its coat of arms is part of the Spanish one. It consists of some chains which were stolen from the enemy during the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in 1212.

It is easy to notice Navarre’s medieval heritage when walking through its villages and cities, which are full of castles and churches. The capital city is Pamplona, which was actually founded by the Romans in the 1st century B.C.E. Actually, it was founded by Pompey, who was Julius Caesar’s main enemy, and so the original name of the city was Pompaelo. This is where the festivities of San Fermín take place, when both visitors and locals gather to run before the bulls while wearing all-white clothes and a red belt.

The Coat of Arms of Navarre, with the chains

The most important ingredient of this region’s cuisine are vegetables. Navarre has a very rich soil which allows for almost anything to grow, from vegetables and legumes to grapes (some Rioja wines are actually born in Navarre!). One of its most famous products is asparagus. Enjoy the authentic vegetables from Navarre at home with the St. Vicent Salad!

A vegetable garden in Navarre, and a castle at the bottom protecting the area.