Galicia is located in the north of Spain. Its coasts are bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. In this region, you’ll find Finisterre, the end of the land, which was formerly known as the last point of Earth, due to the fact that people believed that there was nothing else beyond it. This is why Spain’s old motto was Non Plus Ultra or “There is nothing else”. When Columbus reached America, the motto was changed to Plus Ultra or “Beyond”, and it can still be found in the Spanish Coat of Arms.

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The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Santiago is not the end of the Camino, but the beginning

Paulo Coelho

Cape Finisterre, with its lighthouse and the Atlantic Ocean crashing into the rocks.

In Galicia, we find the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world. It was built in the 1st century C.E. by the Romans, and it is called Torre de Hércules or Tower of Hercules because legend has it that it was the mythical hero himself who erected it.

In addition, the beautiful city of Santiago de Compostela is in Galicia. Its name comes from Christ’s apostle Santiago, who in the Bible was referred to as James, and who is buried in this stunning cathedral. Additionally, this is where the Camino de Santiago ends. This famous route originally begins in France, and it is currently followed by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world. Its origins date back more than one thousand years and, in the meantime, even a higher number of adventures and anecdotes have taken place along its paths.

Tower of Hercules, that still lights the boats’ way in the seas of Galicia.

Thanks to the closeness to the sea and to its estuaries, Galicia’s cuisine is especially renowned for its seafood: the famous octopus, cooked in the Galician style or, as they say, pulpo a feira, is known everywhere. However, there’s more to their food than just fish, and we cannot help but mention their fantastic Spanish almond cake or tarta de Santiago, a cake made with almonds that is decorated with the typical Cross of Santiago. At St. Vicent Spanish Cuisine, you’ll be able to enjoy both pulpo a feira and Spanish almond cake, just like in Galicia, but without leaving your home!

Spanish almond cake