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Choose from 12 dishes of traditional Spanish cuisine and enjoy one of the world’s most famous gastronomies without leaving the city


Two fried steaks sandwiched together with ham and cheese.

Baby squid cooked in a thick sauce made with its ink.

A bean stew containing chorizo.

fillet of cod cooked in a special white garlic sauce.

Two fried chicken breasts sandwiched together with ham and cheese.

The classic Spanish omelet with onion and potatoes, but with a touch of tuna.

Rice with prawns, mussels, and squid

A yummy potato stew with chorizo

Chicken thigh bathed in a velvety vegetable sauce

A slow-cooked cod and potato stew

A paella made with short noodles, prawn, mussels, and squid.

Cooked in a delicate vegetable sauce

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